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Refund Policy

For many years, Precise Paper has been providing the best writing services to its clients while maintaining its quality. The company does not compromise with the quality at any cost. Still, if, for any reason, the client faces disappointment or dissatisfaction with the quality of work, a refund can be made. Our Refund Policy provides the rights to the clients to request refunds effectively. Our company enjoys a higher client satisfaction rate while refund requests are very rare. If you want to process the refund of your money, you are requested to read our refund policy carefully before claiming. We will refund your money under some conditions that are mentioned below.

Requesting a Refund

1.1 You can request a refund by contacting our support team or by sending an email to us. The refund requests should be made by writing to Customer Support within fourteen days of product delivery.

1.2 For requesting a refund, the customer must explain the problems with the product and why they are entitled to a refund. Failing to provide the information necessary within fourteen days will result in the termination of the request, and after that, no refund will be given to the client.

1.3 If you are completely unsatisfied with the quality of work you get, you can request a free revision. Alternatively, you can request another writer to work on your order. You can also contact the support team and request a partial refund.

1.4 If the product failed to meet the marking, kindly send us the work you have finished by yourself along with the grade you obtained, plus the feedback from the tutor explaining why you got this grade. Our Support team will carefully review this. After the full review, the team will contact you to discuss it further.

1.5 You will be given a full refund if you cancel the order before assigning it to the writer. However, the refund will not be processed if the order is assigned to the expert. It will depend upon the deadline for the order submission. If half or less time has passed, you can still request a partial refund since the expert has already put effort into it.

1.6 Refunds will not be made if you cancel the order that is completed or delivered to you. You cannot ask for a refund other than for quality issues and late delivery.

1.7 You are entitled to a refund if you mistakenly pay the amount twice for an order or if you have paid the wrong amount. You can request a refund by sending the payment receipts to our support team, and a refund of extra charges will be processed.

1.8 If you mistakenly paid for two or more of the same orders, contact us immediately for a refund before assigning it to writers. It is your own responsibility to cancel any order you do not wish to have before our writers start working on them. Otherwise, these will be taken as regular orders, and no full refund will be made.

1.9 We will issue a full refund if we cannot work on your order. This happens rarely.

1.10 You cannot ask for a refund if the order becomes late due to your own fault, like not providing the instructions or important files on time, uploading the wrong files or making the payment late. Please ensure all instructions, additional materials and payment are made when placing an order.

1.11 If the product is delivered to you after the deadline, you can ask for a refund in terms of a difference in pricing. Your amount will be calculated again, and the difference will be refunded.

1.12 Late delivery refund is not applied to revisions as the deadline for each revision is set separately. Please make sure that the order’s deadline should exceed 30% of the deadline of your submission so that if you want to make any revisions, you can have flexibility and time.

1.13 When you receive a full refund or the refund is in process, you lose your rights to the assignment, and the company will have all the rights to it. The company can publish the Paper or any of the services in which the refund is given. This is due to the efforts and time of the writer that they put on the order and to reserve the right on the content so that the product cannot be used. In this case, if the client uses any of our material, legal action will be taken, and the client will have to pay extra for the order as well.

1.14 Clients have the right to review their order and can request corrections if instructions were not followed before approving the Paper. If the client approves any/full content or the first draft once, the client will not have the right to request a refund.

1.15 If our content is completely plagiarised and you give us authentic proof for this, we can revise it for free. But if the deadline does not allow us to revise, we can give you a partial refund or the store credits so you can use them for future orders.

1.16 Our team of experts work carefully and follows all your instructions, but if you find any issue, you can request a revision or redo. We offer free revisions for two weeks. You can request revisions or redo until you are satisfied. Please note that once you approve a revision or redo, you will not be eligible for a refund.

1.17 If the client is not satisfied with the revision, our Quality Analysis department will review it. The right amount will be refunded if the QA department approves a refund due to quality. Please note that a refund does not apply to the products that the clients submit.

1.18 If the client approves the initial draft, finds any error later, and asks for correction, no revision or refund will be made if the overall product is affected, like the methodology, research questions, the title, etc., affecting the whole research. It is the responsibility of the client to check the draft thoroughly and notify any corrections immediately. Refund will only be made if the instructions given after the draft are not followed in the final Paper, and overall quality is affected. If the client didn’t inform the correction earlier, a refund will not be made.

1.19 If the completed order is not delivered to the client and the support team does not respond to the client for three business days, the client can ask for a full refund or store credits.

1.20 If a client fails in the assignment made by us, the client can show us the proof of failing and can ask for a redo free of cost. If a redo is unavailable to the client, the client can ask for a partial refund, as the writers have already paid for the order. The client has to claim a refund 14 days after submission. After that, no refund will be made.

1.21 Refund requests are processed within 14 business days.

1.22 Clients are not allowed for the chargeback. Precise Paper strictly prohibits chargeback. Clients are requested to contact our friendly support team to resolve any dispute. If a chargeback is made, the client will be marked as fraudulent on our system, and action will be taken against breaching the agreement. If any of the clients are found taking the wrong advantage of our services, we reserve the right to take legal action against them.

Refund Processing

2.1 The process of refund transaction may take £10 or more. Small transaction amounts will not be processed as they will hardly cover the transaction fees of the company’s and the customer’s bank. In this case, the amount given to the client will be in the form of credit in their Credit Balance to use in future orders.

2.2 Soon after the confirmation, the company will process a refund within 14 business days. Please note that the company will not be liable for any “Bank Transfer fees, peculiarities of transfer, and possible delays” due to Bank service.

2.3 The Billing Department will contact the client to resolve the issue after three business days of reviewing the request.